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Snowmelt & Big, Big Water

The melt has officially gotten underway with mild temperatures, yet there’s still record amounts of snow still remaining in the hills.  According to the statistics, the Yellowstone may flood this year.  This of course means excellent fishing later in the season.  We’re hoping the river will clear by mid-July, but this is a prediction we’re not placing any bets.

The hills are slowly turning that bright spring green and we’ve seen plenty of Elk roaming the hills.  Many are about to begin having calves which is always a sure sign that spring is official. 

We’re excited to announce the opening of our Lodge and Riverside Cabins for all-inclusive fly fishing vacations.  Remember, we’re the only lodge on the Yellowstone that can boast to offering 5 miles of exclusive access to the Yellowstone River just for our guests! It’s the kind of place that doesn’t require much driving and allows more time for the good things, the fishing, the relaxation, the “Montana Time”.  Give us a call toll free at 800-313-4868 and book your trip today!

“Tight Lines & Smiles!”

Jim “JB” Klyap, Outfitter #7843

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